2023-2024 TASL Bookmark Contest

FAQs for the Bookmark Contest

Template and Entry Form

Instructions and Checklist


Who may enter the contest?

  • Any current member of TASL

  • Non-member libraries are not eligible.

What if I am a district supervisor or work in multiple schools?

  • A member may submit a maximum of THREE entries per division for each school they serve.

What if I am not a member of TASL?

How do I run the contest at my school?

  You are free to run the contest however it works best at your school. Some suggestions:

  • Work with classroom or art teachers.

  • Have students work on their entries during library time or free time.

  • Promote it as a school-wide contest and offer prizes for winners in your school.

What are the grade level divisions?

  • Division I: Primary, K-2

  • Division II: Intermediate, 3–5

  • Division III: Middle, 6–8

  • Division IV: High, 9–12

Can all grade levels compete in the Digital Art category?

  • Currently, only students in Division III & IV (Middle and High Schools) are eligible to compete in the Digital Art category.

  • Entries from Divisions I & II must be hand-drawn.

How are Digital Art entries to be submitted?

  • All entries, including digital art, must be submitted as hard copies (attached to the template) and submitted via US Postal Service mail. 

What are the criteria that the judges will use?

Entries in each category will be considered using the following as guidelines for scoring: 

  • Creativity 

  • Execution of the theme: “Anything is Possible with Reading @ Your School Library!

  • Artists should include the theme on the bookmark (i.e., the theme must be written on the bookmark). Entries that do not have the theme included in the design will not be considered.

  • Artistic use of materials (digital art, paint, crayons, markers, etc. (NO colored pencils - they don’t translate well at the printer.)

  • The entry is completed correctly, with all information and a parent/guardian’s signature visible.

When do I send in the contest entries?

  • Send entries via mail anytime.

  • All entries must be postmarked by December 15, 2023.

  • Send entries to:

TASL Bookmark Contest
Rose Hill School
c/o Krista L. Grace, Librarian
2233 Beech Bluff Road
Jackson, TN. 38301

What information do I need to submit an entry?

  • The contest templates are available on the Bookmark Contest page at www.tasltn.org.

  • Each entry needs the student’s name, grade, school, school address, the member librarian’s name, and email address.

  • We also ask for parent/guardian signatures for publicity and privacy purposes. Entries without a parent/guardian signature will be disqualified.

  • In loco parentis signatures are acceptable for boarding schools or similar situations.

  • We recommend that you fill out as much of the entry with school information as possible before photocopying for student distribution. 

  • Entrees must be postmarked by Friday, December 15, 2023.

Will I be able to get my student entries back?

  • Entries will not be returned.

  • We advise that you scan your entries into a file or make color copies for your records before mailing.

What are the prizes?

1st place winners receive:

  • Students: a $25 Amazon gift card, 50 bookmarks of their own design, and an award certificate

  • Winner’s school librarian: 200 bookmarks of the winning design and an enlargement of the winning bookmark

2nd place winners receive:

  • Students: 25 bookmarks of their design and an award certificate

  • Winner’s school librarian: 100 bookmarks of their design and an enlargement of the winning bookmark

 How do schools publicize their school’s winners?

  • Immediately following the judging, emails are sent to the librarians who have winning bookmarks.

  • You will be provided with a model press release to send out to your local news media sources and the district communications department.

  • It is the responsibility of the school librarian to provide more in-depth ceremonies, interviews, and news coverage. Celebrate in a big way! It’s a state-wide contest! Please tag @tasltn when sharing on social media. 

  • TASL encourages members to share any news articles or links about your celebrations for us to include in the TASL newsletter and at the TASL conference. Thanks!


Contact Krista L. Grace: [email protected]